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Huber Inc. has provided facilities with top quality cleaning products for the last 58 years. We offer a wide variety of products from urinal screens to floor stripper. To check out a listing of our complete products, please refer to the manufactures link page. Huber Inc. has chosen Buckeye as our full line cleaning chemical company. Buckeye offers our customer the satisfaction of using a safe effective product.

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  Bay West Paper Products:  Roll Towels, Toilet Paper, Wipers, Towel Dispensers
  Big D Urinal Mats, Commode Mats, Urinal Screens, Emergency Clean-Up Kit, Para Blocks
  Buckeye Chemical:  Floor Care, Cleaners, Disinfectant Cleaners, Odor Control, Washroom, Carpet Care, Food Service, Industrial, Specialty, Proportioning, Green Movement, Training Programs, Skin Care Products
  Carlisle Brooms, Brushes, Pad Drivers, Rotary Brushes, Scrub Aids
  Crown Matting:  Logo, Scrapers, Recessed Well, Wipers, Anti-Fatigue, Runners, Chair Mats, Gym Floor Mats
  DEB SBS Skincare Products:  Hand Sanitizer, Lotion Soaps, Foam Soaps, Heavy Duty Cleansers, Medicated Skin Cream, Sunscreen Products
  ETC Floor Pads:  Polish / Spray Buff, Scrub / Clean, High Speed / Ultra High Speed / Burnishing, Stripping / High Performance Stripping, Stripping Shoes, Hand Pads, Scrub Aids, Sponges, Bonnet Pads, Automatic Scrubber Pads
  HMS Complete line of cleaning and maintenance products
  Golden Star Mops:  Looped-End / Cut-End Wet Mops, Finish Mops, Wet Mop Handles, Dust Mops, Dust Mop Handle & Frames, Laundry Nets
  Medline Gloves:  Powdered / Powder-Free Latex, Powdered / Powder-Free Vinyl Synthetic, Nitrile, Aloe Vera
  Merfin Paper Products, Roll Towels, Toliet Paper, Wipers, Dispenser Program
  Nobles Equipment:  Riding Scrubbers, Walk-Behind Battery Scrubbers, Electric Scrubbers, Battery Sweepers, Riding Extractors, Battery Extractors, Electric Extractors, Portable Extractors, Battery Burnishers, Electric Burnisher, Electric Low Speed Scrub, Electric Vacuums, Back-Pac Vacuums, Wet / Dry Vacs, Carpet Air Movers, Multipurpose Cleaning Machines, Chemical Applicators
  Nuance Chemical:  Floor Care, Restrooms, Carpet Care, Disinfection, Food Service, Odor Control, Industrial / Specialty Products, Proportioning, Rapid Clean Gloss
  Prime Source Paper Products:  Multifold Towels, Single Fold Towels, C Fold Towels, Facial Tissue, Toilet Paper
 Quest Aerosol Air Fresheners:  Lilac, Cinnamon, Mango, Potpourri, Pear, Sandalwood / Jasmine, Strawberry, Linen, Vanilla, Fresh Scent, Mulberry, Metered Aerosol Dispensers
  Rubbermaid Commercial Products:  Waste Containers & Accessories, Material Handling, Janitor / Housekeeping Carts, Mop Buckets / Wringers, Microfiber, Safety Signs / Cones
  Stearns Water Soluble Products:  Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Neutral Cleaner, Laundry Detergent
  Tolco Cleaning Utensils:  Dusters, Scrapers, Toilet Bowl Swabs / Brushes, Plastic Bottles, Sprayers, EZ Jugs, Pump-Up Sprayers, Safety Glasses
  Viper Equipment:  Walk-Behind Battery Scrubbers, Electric Scrubbers, Electric Extractors, Portable Extractors, Battery, Electric Burnisher, Electric Low Speed Scrub, Electric Vacuums, Wet / Dry Vacs, Carpet Air Movers